Electricity and Automation                                

With the need to respond to the various requests from our customers for the realization of "turnkey" projects, we decided, very early, to form a highly qualified team in the fields of Electricity and Automation. We have equipped ourselves with a strong set of skills in the design and execution of low and medium voltage industrial electrical installations, and in the design and implementation of electrical energy production systems (UPAC). The internal knowledge about the different domains of Engineering has allowed to carry out several projects for the improvement of industrial control systems.

Our technicians are also able to program automation and supervision systems from the most important manufacturers in the world, such as: Siemens, Schneider, Allen Bradley, Omron and Honeywell.


Our responsibility does not end with the start-up of the systems and equipment that we design and install. 

The expected performance and efficiency depend not only on the fulfilment of the preventive maintenance plan, but also on the monitoring by specialized technicians.

Our After-Sales Service and Technical Assistance is organized in order to respond to the needs of our customers.

We provide the most appropriate replacement parts for the correct functioning of the equipment, preserving the manufacturer's warranty.




Repair of pressure equipment  

Welding is considered to be a highly responsible operation that must be carried out by suitably qualified technicians. 

We have a team of Welders certified in accordance with international standards, building codes or particular customer specifications.

This capability allows us to respond to the most demanding requests from the industry in the following areas:

Boilers (fuel, natural gas, biomass)

  • Pressure body tubular
  • Mechanical interconnecting pipes
  • Casing

Tubular exchangers

  • Repair
  • Tubular bundle replacement