The flexibility that characterizes us allows to design and build tailor made equipment, reaching all the specific necessities of each client and project.
Recovery Boilers
Recovery Boilers

The recovery boilers take advantage of the energy contained in the exhaust gases from engines and turbines, results of the process of burning residual solid waste or even in the residual heat resulting from industrial processes.

Energest® recovery boilers are dimensioned according to each project, making possible to use this energy to generate steam, heat water, thermal oil or any other type of fluid.



Hot Water, Superheated Hot Water and Thermal Oil

Within this context, Energest® Recovery Boilers are developed for the preparation of Hot Water, Superheated Hot Water and Thermal Oil depending on the temperature range required by the application.

Solutions using Superheated Hot Water are those that require high water temperature (above 110ºC), associated with high pressure.

When the applications require temperatures above 200ºC, the Recovery Boilers can prepare Thermal Oil. In this case, examples are the wood pellet and thermal-fixing industries in the textile sector.

Saturated or Overheated Steam

Energest knowledge in areas such as heat transfer and pressure vessel calculation, combined with experience in welded constructions, guarantee the best performances for our aqua tubular and pyrotubular Steam Generators.

The use of saturated steam is one of the safest and most efficient methods of transferring thermal energy, and the majority option in most industrial processes.

The use of superheated steam occurs in thermodynamic applications such as steam turbines for the production of electrical energy.




Natural Gas Steam Boilers
Natural Gas Steam Boilers

Energest® steam boilers with natural, forced, or mixed circulation, are strictly designed for the production of saturated or overheated steam according to the service conditions defined by the customer or by Energest.

There are boilers of entirely welded construction and self-supported by a system of collectors and main and auxiliary downcomers, without the need for any support structure, which allows them to be shipped from the factory fully assembled.

This equipment has a fully refrigerated furnace, avoiding the traditional and problematic use of masonry and refractory.

The boiler enclosure is entirely made up of membrane walls, giving the equipment complete watertightness. This solution in turn makes the usual use of watertight casing unnecessary.







Biomass Boilers
Biomass Boilers

From biomass and biofuels, it is possible to transform energy from a renewable source.

For this we have aquatubular and gastubular boiler solutions available, capable of responding to a wide range of steam and pressure production.

Biomass boilers are designed on a casa-by-case basis and in cooperation with the most reputable builders of mechanical grids.

Recently we have also developed a new Energest® gastubular boiler capable of generating a thermal power between 1,5 and 3,5MW.




The Energest® gastubular biomass steam boilers has an efficient combustion system consisting of a monoblock burner inserted in the fire pipe.

The refrigerated inversion chamber (Wetback design) is built on membrane walls allows an increase in efficiency avoiding the use of refractory materials.

The equipment has a high thermal efficiency , 92%, and can even reach 95% with the use of an economizer.

This boiler stands out compared to traditional solutions with ante-furnace, grill and refractories, for:

•Greater automation and security ;
•Better dynamic behaviours;
•Greater efficiency;
•Lower maintenance and (conservation) preservation costs;

Regarding the typology of fuels, we highlight:

•Almond Shell
•Olive Core


Thermal Oil Steam Generators
Thermal Oil Steam Generators

As the name implies, this type of equipment allows the production of steam using a thermal oil as a hot source.

Designed and built to the needs of each client, they usually consist of a tubular bundles type “U” and can have a configuration of two or more passages.

Like any Energest® equipment, thermal oil steam generators have inspection, cleaning and maintenance facilities and can be designed and engineered for a wide range of pressures and temperatures.

The reverse, the preparation of thermal oil from steam, which is not usual, is also part of the solutions already developed by Energest.







For the design of the chimney, the flow characteristics, its location and the respective surroundings, as well as the operation conditions are analyzed. According to these data, the diameter and height of the chimney is determined, and consequently the slenderness coefficient is checked. The result of this check may determine whether to use a device to eliminate resonance phenomena.

No less important is the selection of the most suitable construction steel and the thickness of the ferrules to be applied. The platform and the access ladder are designed in accordance with the applicable legislation.








Energest® Thermal Deaerator are designed to operate in two complementary stages, one of mechanical spraying and the other of hydrostatic spraying, in counter current with steam, which allows to obtain a very high efficiency for all loads.

For flow rates close to the nominal load, the water is finely divided in a first spray stage, immediately guaranteeing the high and necessary water / steam contact surface, which causes a rapid release of the gases dissolved in the small droplets, as a result of the temperature and reduced partial pressure of these gases.

With lower flow rates, where spraying is less efficient, water has the opportunity to interact with steam through the surface created by a second cascade stage.

This way, being certain that the efficiency of the process increases in the first stage with the flow of water and that in the second stage the opposite occurs, it results in a very high efficiency for all loads, which is not verified in most of the degassers existing in the market.






Heat exchangers
Heat exchangers

Within the heat exchangers we design and build solutions for the heat transfer between the most varied liquids, gases, vapours and suspensions. Tubular bundle solutions are the most common in the most industrial thermal applications.

Constructive solutions meet the standards or acquire hybrid conceptual configurations, tailored to each application and service, among others, heaters, refrigerators, condensers and evaporators.

In construction solutions we use all types of materials, namely: carbon steel, stainless steel or borosilicate glass tubes.

Based on the specific needs of each client, we develop tailor-made solutions for each application, such as: tubular exchangers, air heaters and economizers.




Pressure Tanks and Containers
Pressure Tanks and Containers

At Energest we have designed and built reservoirs for gases and liquids, atmospheric or pressurizes, in carbon steel or stainless steel, for the most diverse industrial applications.

Safety is extremely important, so that is why we devote the best attention to all the stages of the process, from design, to construction and installation.

The vast experience accumulated by our Engineering Services allows us to respond to requests in accordance with relevant standards, such as Eurocode 3, EN 14015, EN 13445, ASME and API 650.





Gastubular Boiler
Gastubular Boiler

Gastubular Energest® boiler, a solution of excellence for your industrial needs.

We highlight some of the differentiating features of this boiler:

- Extremely low heat loss by radiation due to the thick, high-density insulation, as well as the insulation of the front and rear doors. 

- Accessibility for maintenance, facilitating maintenance tasks and guaranteeing continuous and efficient operation, due to:

  • Front door providing access to the furnace and the front tubular plate;
  • Rear door giving complete access to the rear tube plate and smoke chamber.

- The careful design of the furnace and the tubular distribution make it a low thermal load boiler with highly efficient combustion and low emission of pollutants.

- Internal water circulation and fume passage are optimised through the intelligent design of the fume tubes and their appropriate separation.

- The internal incorporation of the droplet separator ensures high quality steam.

- The option of installing a built-in economiser for heating the feed water enables significant energy savings of up to 6%.

- Equipped with a single control panel that includes fault flags and automatic shut-offs, avoiding incorrect operations and guaranteeing maximum safety and efficiency.

Certified in accordance with European Directive 2014/68/EU, ensuring compliance with the strictest safety standards and regulations.