EPC Projects

Energest accumulates vast industrial experience, supported by a multidisciplinary engineering team. The design, construction, installation and supervision skills allow us to carry out, with confidence, different turnkey projects.
Cogeneration Plants

Cogeneration is the combined production of electrical and thermal energy from a single fuel.

In the 90´s of the previous century, the activity of Cogeneration, in Portugal, started to have a new legal framework and due to that emerged a strong increase of new installations.

It is at that time that Energest, in partnership with the main world manufactures, begins its participation in this important sector. Initially, in projects with diesel cycle engines. Later, we extended our intervention to the rest of the technologies, from natural gas turbines, to Otto cycle engines, to steam turbines under pressure and producing from the combustion of biomass.

Currently, we have more than 60 cogeneration projects.

Thermal Power Plants

The design of a thermal power station goes far beyond the choice of the boiler, be it for the production of steam, hot or superheated water and thermal oil.

Our engineers, due to their vast experience in this type of projects, pay attention to aspects such as the specific features of the industry to be supplied, the layout of the equipment, the degree of accessibility to different fuels, the water quality and the profile of consumption of the industrial process.

In possession of all these elements, we set out to select the main equipment, as well as the other auxiliary and complementary equipment that together constitute the Thermal Power Station.

The proper selection of equipment is crucial, in the medium and long-term, to obtain low maintenance costs in addition to the highest levels of efficiency and availability.

Renewable Energy

Energest covers a wide range of renewable energy solutions. This includes the installation of photovoltaic or solar thermal energy systems and generation of heat and electrical energy from biofuels.

Our capacity to develop projects for the production of thermal and electrical energy extends to several renewable sources, such as: wood and forest residues; biogas; fuel derived from waste (CDR); banal waste.

Energest´s engagement is very broad in the field of technologies and powers involved.

Energy Recovery

The objective assumed by European Community for carbon neutrality until 2050, places an ambitious objective on the industry to improve energy efficiency, but not only.

In this context, Energest has developed several projects in various sectors of industry, with solutions of greater or lesser degree of complexity, namely in the valorisation of gaseous effluents, a solution that is still little known.

In cases where the amount of thermal energy available is very significant, the systems can allow the transformation into electricity for self-consumption or injection into the electrical network. This is another typology of Cogeneration which is called “Waste heat to Power” or “Bottoming Cycle”.


Piping installations are often found in the industry, more or less complex, with several problems. In some cases the problems are the result of poor execution, in other cases of the operation, but mainly due to errors in conception and design.

It is also in this area that the Energest Engineering Services differentiate themselves, being highly qualified for the Piping project under the Norms, EN 13480 (Metallic industrial piping) and ASME B31.1 (Pressure piping).

One of the most demanding tasks in this domain is the dimensioning of high pressure and high temperature steam piping, such as connections to steam turbines.

In this type of application, where Stress Analysis is required, Energest has strong and experienced skills.

Here are the main tasks included in a process of this type:

•Preparation of P&ID and general arrangement drawing;
•Selection of materials and dimensioning of pipes;
•Generation of block diagrams and 3D modelling;
•Piping flexibility analysis, using specialized software;
•Calculation of supports and thermal insulation;
•Preparation of steelmakers, equipment and instrumentation lists.